IB01 Orthopaedic Ice Wrap 22x46cm Roll of 100

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    • A professional and economical extra-large cold compress.
    • Used to aid rehabilitation and recovery following orthopaedic surgery such as a knee reconstruction, or to treat large injuries to the upper legs, back or neck.
    • A safe, effective and natural way to soothe pain and reduce swelling.
    • Can be cut to a smaller tailored size for additional comfort or increased flexibility.
    • Simple to prepare and easy to use - Soak - Freeze - Apply.
    • Same patient can reuse, or easily disposed after use for greater infection control.
    • Stays dry when thawing, no mess or excess water.
    • Lightweight and easy to store. No expiry date.
    • Size 46x22cm

    Covers are available for extra comfort

    Medichill Cool Cubes are completely safe to use and non-allergenic.
    Quality manufactured to ISO 9001
    CE Registered

    Material Data Safety Sheet