Medichill Cool Cubes - Small (15x6cm)

Medichill Cool Cubes - Small (15x6cm)

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Cold therapy is one of the safest, fastest and most effective natural ways to soothe pain and reduce swelling.

  • Professional and economical cold therapy. Simple to prepare and easy to use.
  • Small sized sheet provides the perfect size for use as a perineal ice pack. Can be held in place by hand or fits comfortably inside the patient’s underwear. Recommended by midwives, used in maternity wards worldwide.
  • Used in schools and after school clubs to treat small bumps and bruises, and pacify the child.
  • Can be trimmed down even smaller, as used in hospitals and clinics for pre and post injection sites.
  • Reusable for individual patients or easily disposed of after a single use for greater infection control.
  • Stays dry when thawing out, no mess or excess water.
  • Lightweight and easy to store. No expiry date.

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Completely safe to use, not harmful and non-allergenic, medication-free alternative for pain relief. Manufactured to ISO 9001 Quality Standards and CE registered. Material Data Safety Sheet

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