10. Popular Products for Schools

Medichill has been used in schools for over 25 years. 

We know that in schools, duty of care is paramount and the application of ice packs or gel packs (cold therapy) is still one of the most efficient and safest forms of first aid treatment for children in pain.

While this may be the case, are you tired of handing out ice packs to students that never get returned?  The cost and inconvenience of this issue is still one of the most common complaints we hear from school nurses and support staff. Now there is a solution that manages the risks and satisfies the budgetary constraints. Medichill Cool Cubes for Children are far more cost effective than ice packs and gel packs but more importantly the children feel very comfortable using them and if they don’t get returned to you, it will not blow the budget. They also minimise cross-infection as they can be disposed after use.

"Great for getting kids out of the Health Centre and back to class faster. Saved on more expensive non-disposable ice packs for more serious injuries. The children think they are great. Good size, portable. Like the gel feel when they melt"
Suzanne Reid

For a closer look at the positive benefits Medichill can have on your school please take the time to review the Insight sheet below

Easy purchase options for Schools

  • Buy and pay online
  • Order online by using your PURCHASE ORDER number, simply checkout and select purchase order when prompted
  • Call our Customer Care team on 02392 601040
  • Email your order to info@medichill.co.uk
  • Fax your order to 02392 601041, download fax order form here

For new school customers a trading account is opened automatically on receipt of order.  A tax invoice/receipt is sent with the goods.

A FULL RANGE OF FIRST AID CONSUMABLES ARE ALSO AVAILABLE FOR ONLINE PURCHASE. Be sure to open each product link to view school volume discounts.

The most popular products for schools are listed below.