09. Popular Products for Hospitals & Clinics

Minimise cross-infection, maximise efficiency and economy with Medichill Cool Cubes, a reliable pain relief solution that assists with:

  • minimising oral analgesia and patient administered analgesia for pain relief
  • minimising cross-infection due to ability to be disposed of after use
  • maximising comfort and promoting prompt recovery for patients after medical procedures

Medichill Cool Cubes have the ability to be used throughout a hospital environment, our key use areas are:

  • Maternity and Obstetrics Wards
  • Dental, Oral and Maxillofacial Post Surgery
  • Orthopaedic Post Surgery Rehabilitation
  • Pathology and Transportation

For a closer look at the positive benefits Medichill can have on your ward please take the time to review the Insight sheets on some of our products below


Other features of the 'Cool Cube' Ice Pads and the Orthopaedic Ice Wrap (Ice Bandage) include the unique ability to be cut to varying sizes, same patient can re-use, flexibility when frozen and of course the fact that they can be microwaved for a safe heat pack. They are definitely the ice packs of the future and can be utilised in many ways within a hospital therefore maximising cost effectiveness and inventory management while delivering easy-to-use pain relief to the patient. Other features include:
  • Unlimited shelf-life prior to activation
  • Same patient can re-use, or if soiled simply dispose
  • Flexible when frozen
  • Economical - can cut sheets to smaller sizes
  • Stays frozen longer than same volume of ice or ice packs
  • Contents are not harmful and are non-allergenic
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001 and registered with FDA USA, TGA Australia, CE Europe and Medsafe NZ.

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The most popular products for hospitals and clinics are listed below.